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About Us

DC Construction of Nisswa, LLC was founded in 2002 as a custom home framing company providing services in the Brainerd Lakes area.  In 2003, we expanded our services and acquired our general contractor’s license. Since that time we have continued framing custom homes for local clients but have applied some of our energies to designing and building high efficiency homes for the consumer.  

While constantly having awareness to the latest technologies and enhancements to our industry, we feel we build some of the best homes available.  Through experience, we have perfected our construction process to maximize time and money, while taking great pride in our ability to provide a finished product second to none.  

These are bold statements considering the number of contractors in our area, but after reading and understanding what great lengths we go to and the investments that we have made, we feel that most everyone will appreciate and believe in our commitment to excellence.  As mentioned prior we believe that our homes are some of the best in the business.  Efficiency is the key word in everything we do.  From the effective use of space in the design, time management during construction, to finally the energy efficiency of the home itself we maximize both time and money.

The following is a brief description on how we build, and how we build with the best products while keeping our homes competitive in price.

Beginning with our foundations, we incorporate in our designs the products Form-a-Drain made by Certainteed, and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) made by Nudura.  

Form-a-Drain is a product that meets multiple needs in both the construction of a home but also its efficiency.  This product is a leave in place form for the frost footing, but what makes this product unique is that it acts as a water and radon gas evacuation system.  

The Nudura ICFs we use allows us flexibility in designs but also creates a pre-insulated foundation form ready for finish.  After setting up these forms we add the reinforcing steel rebar then fill them with concrete. This creates the strongest foundation possible with the lowest possibility for water infiltration.  However to make absolutely sure no water can find its way in we then apply a waterproof rubberized membrane around the entire portion of the house.  Although these products are expensive, the time and money saved in labor and the reassurance that our foundations are some of the best, more than makes up for the additional material costs. Beneath our interior slabs we also insulate with polystyrene sheets and then apply spray polyurethane foam to seal it completely.  This practice helps ensure that no radon gas can seep into the living area of our homes, and also creates a continuous insulated barrier throughout the entire home. 

We then use conventional framing practices for the remaining structure.  While we could continue our ICFs to our roof systems we believe the additional costs would never be recouped.  Although ICFs create a great vapor barrier and insulation value in the walls, we believe we can accomplish the same thing with insulating with polyurethane spray foam insulation. 

Because polyurethane foam insulation has an R-value of 6.7 per inch we can build walls with as high of R-value, with as great a seal as an ICF wall.  However, in order to use polyurethane foam we realized we would either have to hire a sub-contractor or purchase the necessary and expensive equipment to do it “in house”. After getting quotes from several contractors that provide the service and finding that to hire one of them would cost as much as $20,000 to insulate the average sized home, we opted to purchase the equipment ourselves.  In 2004 we purchased the necessary equipment to spray polyurethane foam insulation.  We now are able to insulate our homes with the best insulation available at roughly 1/2 the price than that which a foam contractor would charge.

Obviously by doing the job ourselves it saves money.  We recognize this, that’s why we do all but the electrical, plumbing, and heating venting and air conditioning (HVAC).  In addition to saving money, we find we are able to save time.  We don’t have to try and coordinate 15 different schedules to get a job done.  We minimize the delays by continuing each phase of the job seamlessly.  From the foundation to the finish work, we do it all, keeping quality our number one priority.  

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